Thursday, August 21, 2014

Adventures in Cooking Class [[Southern-Style Front Porch Entertaining]]

This past weekend, the hubs & I finally used our Cook's Warehouse gift card that we got two Christmases ago to attend a cooking class. It wasn't that there weren't enough classes offered, but more that our schedule is hectic & my stomach only allows me to eat certain foods. However, even though we waited a year-and-a-half, it was definitely worth it.

The class we attended was a hands-on Southern Style Front Porch Entertaining affair. Our head chef was Aletia Dupree who by coincidence actually knows the hubs & his family and is from the same small town we live in, and she even used to own one of our favorite restaurants. I didn't know that beforehand, and our class as all the way in Atlanta, so it was definitely a small world kind of moment!

The class itself was fantastic, we whipped up eight different recipes. The class had about 10 people, and we divided up to prepare two or three recipes at a time, so you could pick which ones you wanted to make for everyone to share. After a few hours of cooking up a storm in the professional cooking, we set them all out and dug in!

The recipes we made were Peach & Pecan Dip, Black Eyed Pea Salsa, Watermelon Strawberry Salsa with Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips, Potato Bites, Shrimp Dip, Lemon Coconut Bars, Cream Cheese Pound Cake and Raspberry Peach Sweet Tea. My favorite was the Peach & Pecan Dip, but they were all extremely tasty! [[Side note that I will definitely be sharing all of these recipes on the blog in the future.]]

This was definitely a fun experience for both the hubs & I, & we came out of it with some new favorite treats to share with our friends & family!

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