Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Celebrating America's 238th Birthday

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday weekend, I know I sure did. Here's my recap of how we celebrated America's birthday this year.

On Friday, we gathered with my in-laws and a few of their neighbors at a friend's river house to float down the river, enjoy some delicious food and partake in a few games of corn hole. It was definitely a lazy afternoon.

Side note to a conversation we had with other people floating down the river & one of the many reasons I love living in the South.

Them: Happy Fourth of July!
Them: God bless you and America.
Us: Same to you!
Them: Hallelujah!

That evening, the hubs and I headed out to listen to one of our favorite local bands, The Van Lears, and watch the fireworks at the fairgrounds.

Saturday, we slept in and then headed over to the in-laws house to help my mother-in-law reorganize her garage. Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with a refreshing afternoon swim. A few friends came over that evening, and we enjoyed sitting around the fire and lighting up a few sparklers we found during our cleaning.

Sunday, we capped off the long weekend with some errands, napping and a trip to the movies to see 22 Jump Street.

All in all it was a low-key, but relaxing holiday weekend.

How did you celebrate America's 238th birthday? I'd love to have you link up in the comments below!

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