Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Fighting the Flea Army

Prepare for battle!

Ever since our fur baby spent the weekend with my dad at his farm while the hubs & I were on our anniversary trip, the Langston house has been fighting a war against fleas.

At first, we tried the normal flea medicine, flea baths and even flea carpet powder. When the soldiers still seemed to be battling on, we took to the Internet for research and made our own lemon water spray.

The combination of all those seemed to decimate their numbers greatly, but not completely.

Thinking we were in the clear, we allowed her to accompany us for an afternoon of frolicking fun on Sunday. However, while she was there, she managed to pick up even more hitch-hiking, mean fighting fleas.

Tonight, after noticing the troops had been strengthening their numbers, we took to the store to break out even more big guns. Our artillery of choice: new flea medicine, new flea shampoo, a flea comb and an all natural peppermint and clove flea spray.

We came home to fight hopefully the last battle of this flea war. We have a planned series of attacks that we think will have the fleas waving a white flag of defeat by this weekend.

Wish us luck!

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